Plant-based protein

Our company's plant-based protein, was imported on their own. Use of specific raw materials and specific production specifications, has strict quality control in the procurement process, its high adhesive, suitable for producing vegan products

Extruder apparatus sales business

Undergraduate background in design and planning team for the food, its understanding of the process. Can help improve or overcome, trapped on the production difficulties.

Food Factory Integrate and programme

Food factories and equipment furnished will affect the dynamic of its spatial planning line. Line in food regulations and related specifications are subject to, how the regulatory norms and the smooth processing of the factory process, seeking a balance, the food factory on one of the big ordeal.

Certification counseling department

Food safety problem is becoming more serious, consumer awareness, and many distributors are demanding food plant has certification trademark. Relevant Codex Alimentarius much clutter, making business at a loss. Need to have food-related backgrounds consultants, assistance in obtaining relevant licenses.