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About Us


We are engaged in by a vegetarian working partner of the industry for many years, because of a common philosophy-a healthy diet, consisting of companies, company members have expertise in food science, pathway components, such as wholesalers, factory, covering food production, education, access technology and manpower.

Our success comes from our love of food created by core technology, and we use science and technology to meet the tastes of food science in the world, and various needs of customers.

We have a creative product, and also a leader in many market-from vegan meat extrusion machinery and isolated soy protein and soy fibrosis proteintextured protein , Imitation products are vegetarian, vegan chicken, vegan ham, vegetarian abalone with sea cucumber and other products. Wellsun's employees and they have to make people live healthier and environmentally-friendly vision of the world, and make it all possible.


Wellflame food science and technology limited company is Taiwan Wellsun Health International Limited, branch of Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Foshan City referred to as Zen, Buddhism, is the third largest city in Guangdong Province, in China's Guangdong Province in the South, is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, Foshan has a mild climate, abundant rainfall, and fertile land since ancient times.

Wellflame company takes Taiwan China company philosophy, introducing Taiwan technology and products in people's work of the city. Combined with the ancient tradition of gathering in Foshan, actively promote health concept and green earth environmental quality of the body, leading the fashion concept.