Food safety problem is becoming more serious, consumer awareness, and many distributors are demanding food plant has certification trademark. Relevant Codex Alimentarius much clutter, making business at a loss. Need to have food-related backgrounds consultants, assistance in obtaining relevant licenses.


ISO 22,000:2005, it is a set of internationally accepted food safety and health management tools and systems. To echo international to global food safety and quality performance of the supply chain.

ISO 22,000:2005 the standards apply to wants to ensure food safety in the food chain system of the Organization, irrespective of its size, type, and products that it provides. Apply to food-related equipment suppliers, logistics providers, suppliers of packaging materials, agricultural chemicals and food additives suppliers, food service providers and restaurants.

The particularity and complexity due to the food industry, ISO 9001, lack of effective risk management for food safety, including product design, raw material procurement, manufacturing, packaging, storage, transportation, sales, and consumers.

Each of these food chains, systematic analysis and should be strictly controlled, to put an end to all aspects of possible damage or contamination.